Subsidies, grants and incentives in the Netherlands

As in many other countries in the Netherlands submitting a subsidy application often implies that you have to deal with more red tape than you would like. The vast number of different grant schemes and constantly changing legislation make it difficult to act effectively. Further, your plan has to meet specific criteria and you’ll probably have to deal with unwritten rules as well.

Our experience of over 25 years in finding and submitting grant applications for industrial and IT companies will provide you with effective access to government grants, subsidies, incentives and tax credits. We have extensive experience in the field of obtaining subsidies for R&D projects, sustainable innovations (energy, environment), investments and many other subsidy programs. Our success rate is high. More than 90% of the applications submitted are successful.
Our service concept consists of a smart tailored package of supporting activities (such as planning, writing and submitting, etc.) in order to obtain grant monies the most efficient way. Pienter Subsidy Consulting also offers assistance and advice in administering the grants once approved.

If you want to find out which subsidies and grants are applicable to your situation, please contact us for further information.

You can reach us at:
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